Best applications for YouTubers 2022

Being a YouTuber today is a profession that many people love, but it’s not just putting your face in videos, there’s a lot more behind it. You’ll need the best apps for YouTubers to offer the best content.

In this case, it’s not the best content to make, but analyzing it and making decisions when evaluating which is most desirable or as they say in Slang, there is more “engagement”. That’s why we’re going to show you some apps and some alternatives.

YouTube Studio

With this app we will be able to manage all the channels we have open on YouTube from the do-it-yourself facility on our mobile. An app from Google itself, among other things, will allow you to consult the most up-to-date statistics, respond to comments, upload thumbnails of the videos we’ve uploaded, schedule the same uploads, and quickly respond to notifications. Come to us to provide a better experience for our followers.

It’s an app that somewhat modifies Creator Studio from the web version of YouTube, and let’s do this for a few things it does «While Flying». That is, if we go home by train, we can manage certain things, such as looking at comments, topics, descriptions, or statistics. The best app to manage our YouTube channels.

AZ Screen Recorder

We are faced with the right app to create content from our mobile. Yes we would like to record tutorials to show features If you record a video of android activity or mobile game, this free app will allow us to do so. It has options to add watermark and more as a video editor with some basics.

After all, it allows you to record the screen of the phone, so that then there is the video file from the computer to upload later to our video channel or edit from Adobe Premiere to create that new content. We recommend an expert app on these matters and for YouTubers.

Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe recently launched this app to edit the video and it will allow it to have some great features of its name for the PC. The only disability in it is that you have to pay a subscription for it, however it allows you to test it to create 5 versions and you can decide later if we have it.

We need to talk about them with multilateral editing capabilities, voice over lace access to more than 100 motion graphics templates from the Adobe stack. Excellent in this sense and it blends seamlessly with Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

It’s like a compressed version of the PC version to edit the video, add changes, add audio, cut and paste video clips, and create scenes. It also has video filters that are capable of giving them a special touch. If you have to edit the video without too many stories, this app can change the desktop app, so you don’t have to spend so much. It would be nice if you had a good cell phone.

Adobe Spark

Through this Adobe app we’re going to get access to graphics to all kinds of social networks that allows us to create those credits or that miniature with a specific style. The best Adobe app to access professional multimedia content from your monthly subscription.

Access to video content and professional images with great content for 9,99 euros per month. It has the remaining YouTube thumbnails that distinguish this app itself and for this reason we have put it in the list of best apps for YouTubers. A good thumbnail of the video you have just uploaded is essential to attract the attention of your channel’s new viewers.

Video editing apps from Samsung and other manufacturers

We make a special mention of the apps that manufacturers have on the most popular phones. We’re talking about Samsung and its collage that allows you to access the editor from the video is available to us from the Galaxy Store.

This author has some capabilities such as the possibility of changing the video resolution, organizing the video and adding more different scenarios so that we don’t even need another video editing app. This will not change the other editors, but it will free us from the problem for more than a moment for the basic options.

Samsung also has a very significant option to register on the screen. It’s true that when you get used to it, you’ll choose a full experience to be completely free and don’t need any fees, and then upload the video to your computer and put it in a fix to add quality content. . In this sense Samsung knows how to keep high-quality applications.

Small producer for YouTube

This app allows us to create those cool thumbnails in order to attract the attention of new followers who don’t know our YouTube channel and our videos. A free app characterized by stylish fonts and spectacular stickers to emphasize the special part of the video thumbnail.

This is the opportunity to create different templates and collages. Among its best features is the ability to clean up the background to see a frame of video that uses the thumbnail. This is an interesting application for focusing on thumbnails and this is another necessity for YouTubers.

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