Best applications for YouTubers 2022

Being a YouTuber today is a profession that many people love, but it’s not just putting your face in videos, there’s a lot more behind it. You’ll need the best apps for YouTubers to offer the best content. In this case, it’s not the best content to make, but analyzing it and making decisions when … Read more

The best Android apps of 2022… until now

A cell phone would not be very smart without applications, and Android is certainly not lacking. There are apps for everything, although some are not exactly known for their quality. Here we will compile the best Android apps as of today. This time, we will count the best new applications of 2022 or not much … Read more

What Happens When you Deactivate Messenger

Hello everyone in this article we are showing you What Happens When you Deactivate Messenger. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s having to use two services when I only want to use one. This is especially blatant in the case of Messenger, Facebook’s messaging app: using it implies having a Facebook account. When … Read more