Get Free Internet From All the Networks

Tricks to Get Free Internet From All the Networks:

Are you looking for free internet? Do you want to know the tricks to get free internet offers? Do you run out of balance and want to use internet free? Here is the solution given to these problems. After reading this, you will be able to use free internet of any network without any data charges. All the networks with different offers are given below.

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TELENOR is the sim card which is frequently used. It has the major role in the market among the networks. Just like other networks, TELENOR also has shares in its field. It has invested round about thirty percent in the market where it is using.

Free Data:

Getting free internet from the TELENOR network has become easier for its users. Telenor has introduced its application on the Google play store, from where every TELENOR user can easily install it. When a user has done making his account, he will get 1000 mbs data without any data charges.


For social media MBs, a free data code is also introduced by the company for its users. A user can get free social MBs by entering the code *368#. It will allow all the social apps to work without any package and data charges.

After buying the new sim of TELENOR, a user can get free data bundle which is offered by the company to the customers. A user can get free internet by entering the code *853# with which a user can get free data. This data has the limitation of 8 days. There is also another way to get free internet of TELENOR sim card by entering the code *665#.

Free minutes:

A TELENOR user can also get free off-net minutes without any charges. This is a great offer for TELENOR users to get. A person can use the code *303# to get free minutes of all networks. This is a limited time period offer which will expire after the completion of its duration.


UFONE is a network which is progressing day by day and making efforts for their users. UFONE network has very beneficial and easier offers for their customers which others don not have. They keep maintaining their users interest. And users also do trust on their network.


On the purchase of a new SIM card, a UFONE user can get free data offers which also contains off-net minutes, messages and many more. To get new SIM card offer by the company, the user have to enter the code *5005#. By activating this offer, one Will be able to enjoy free internet data.


 For the other offer which has a good combinations of data and sim card activities like calls , text  messages sent by sim, etc. This offer will last for almost 10 days. To get this offer, a user can enter the code *785# and can enjoy the unlimited offer.

 The great offer is still here for UFONE users which makes them happy. UFONE has introduced a new offer for the customers of free internet for five days and an amazing thing is that it is free of cost. A user with zero balance will also be able for this offer.

Jazz Network:

In the age of technology, jazz has progressed very well and made its name in the world of networks. It has become the most advanced network which works with good speed and having reasonable packages and calls rates. It provides very useful offers which are vastly using in different regions.

  1. Data Offers:
  2. For data offers related to jazz networks, a very simple and easiest way is here for the jazz users. A user can simply install the jazz application from his Google play store and can run it without any problem. This application is named as JAZZ WORLD. It is specifically made for jazz users from where they can get the discount on different offers and also can get up to 200 free MBs on daily basis.
  3. For seven days free offer, a user can also avail this offer by entering the code *2451*32#.This offer will provide the internet free of cost for all the applications. It contains 4 GB internet which will be valid for seven days after subscription.
  4. For a new SIM purchasing, an offer is specifically designed for them. By entering the code *909# , a user can avail the offer which is given for the new customers to make an impression of the network. If you want to know about the details of the MBs you can check it by the code *909*2#.
  5. VEON named another application is designed for the jazz users from where they can get free internet per day which costs zero. This application is also available in play store and one can drive it easily.
  6. YouTube Offer:

Jazz network has also designed a specific way to facilitate it’s users by introducing the YouTube data only. A user can simply dial *117*12#. By entering this,  a user can enjoy the videos free of cost on YouTube without worrying about the data charges.

Another YouTube Offer is here with the code *587# which allows the YouTube to play videos without any package. The other YouTube Offer is here with the code *222*1#. In this offer, 25 GBs of YouTube will be given to the subscriber.


3 . Social Media Offer:

 Social media is offer is specific for the social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. These are the most using applications by the youngsters. Due it’s more use, the company has introduced an offer for these sites too. By entering *345# a user can use free Facebook. By entering *245*3# , a user can enjoy free WhatsApp. And for the combine offer, a user can enter the code *5219# with which a user can use both Facebook and WhatsApp without any data charges. This offer is also having the validity of seven days. After seven days of availing, the offer will be ended you have to subscribe a new one.


Just like other networks, ZONG has also made its name among other networks. It also has a large number of users. Most of the time, the users of other networks are seem to make comparisons between the ZONG network and the sim card, they are using. But still it has some unique characteristics which make its users more convenient.

  1.   Data Offers:
  2. ZONG also makes facilities for its users. It designed different helpful offers for its users. But still, those offers are more attractive and free of cost; users do not have to pay for them. One of the offers for free internet of ZONG network can be availed by entering *101#. In this offer, three GB of the internet will be given to the user within three days.3. The next offer is the complete internet offer from which a user can get one GB of free data from the ZONG network by entering the code *9595#. It will give the limitation of seven days for using these free MBs.
  3. For the offer of purchasing the new sim card, there is also a gift for the user. A customer will get five GB data of internet, 500 minutes, and free calls on all ZONG networks. This offer will be useable for one month. To avail of this offer, the user has to enter *321#.
  4. The application of ZONG is also available on the Google play store for free data. You can install the ZONG application and can get free MBs daily by making your account on it. It is also free of cost.
  5. Free Facebook can also be enjoyed by the ZONG network. When you open your Facebook there will be an option on the right corner of data and free mode. You can change the data model to the mode and can enjoy the free Facebook. There is no specific code for using Facebook.

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