Free Internet Codes for All Networks 2022 –

Free Internet Codes for All Networks 3G/,4G:

By increasing the prices of packages, everyone wants free internet access. For their customers, the company owners of all networks introduced different codes. These codes are specially designed for free internet. Here you will get free internet codes of all networks.

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  • Telenor 4G Free Internet:

Telenor has introduced the free internet code of 6GB internet for its users. This offer is valid for all Telenor numbers. Before applying for any free offer, make sure you have insufficient balance in your account. If you have credit in your account, charges may apply in any form. Every user can get this offer by dialling *5000#. The limit of this offer is for one month only. The data can be used only within the duration of one month. After the given time, the remaining internet will be expired. The first way is to install the Telenor app from Google play store and you will have many free offers for internet.

To get free data on your new Telenor sim, dial *654# to get access to internet without any charges. By entering this code, you will be given 1 GB free internet.  To get free minutes on your Telenor sim, you can use the code *354*44#. By this code, you will be awarded with 500 free Telenor minutes. To get free internet access, you have to dial code *8888# and you will have 500 free MBs for three days without any data charges. To get free social offer, you may have to dial *311#. By this code, you will have 3 GB data which can be used for WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO and Snapchat. The new 2022 offer can get by dialling *655# for free internet

  • Jazz Free Internet Codes:

Jazz, the fastest internet service providers , introduced different codes for free internet. The competition was held by PTA in which Jazz has won the award of fastest internet of the decade. Before this competition, it was considered that Jazz 4G is not the fastest network and the packages are over priced. But, due to its super fastest speed, it has become number one fastest internet of the world.

JAZZ-WARID has combined made a new network which ends to more than 60 million customers. Every one wants to be the part of JAZZ-WARID network due to its fastest network and reasonable rates. It has increased the number of its customers within these few years. It has a huge variety of packages i.e. hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. These packages are very reasonable.

Dial *117*71*2# from your jazz sim. With this code, you will get free 1GB data of internet. This 1GB internet is valid for one week only. These MBs are free of cost. A user does not have to pay any charges for this free offer. Within seven days, a user can get the benefit of these free MBs. To get free internet for WhatsApp, a user have to dial *333# before dialling any call. On every call, a user will get 50 free MBs for WhatsApp only. These are valid for only one day.

For new SIM users, jazz contains a very special offer by which new users can get benefit. With this offer, a user can get up to 3GB internet data, free off-net minutes, messages and many more. You just have to dial the new SIM code. This new sim code varies from SIM to sim. For jazz, new sim code is *898#. By this code, a user will get free internet for an unlimited time period. Another new sim offer is 1 GB internet for one week. To get this offer, a user has to enter the code *115*1#. This offer will last for one week only. After that, data charges may apply.

  • ZONG 4G Free Internet Codes:

Zong-4G is the second fastest internet sim among the all. It has the very high speed of internet and have 4-5 million users of it. It has twenty two percent business in the market share. It has some unique qualities due to which it’s users have a fair believe in it. For its customers, ZONG owners has introduced various free internet codes at different places. It is the unique property that ZONG users can enjoy free YouTube too, without any package.

For free internet, ZONG users have to dial the code *101#. By this code, a user can get 1 GB free data for three days. This three days offer is free of cost. For WhatsApp, the ZONG user has to dial *2020#. This offer is monthly WhatsApp offer for ZONG. For monthly social bundle, you have to dial *247 the number on which you want to apply the offer. It will give you 2 GB data free of cost. Another code is *354*91# for the browser data. This will give you 500 MBs data for using the browser. Next, is the 3 days data code i.e. *593*11#. By this code, you can get 1500 free MBs from the ZONG network.

  • UFONE 4G Free Internet Codes:

The market share of UFONE is approximately 15%. It is the fast running internet service. The 4G speed of this network is worth noting. It contains a large number of its users. UFONE never makes its customers unhappy and dissatisfied. It gives many offers time to time. These offers usually include free internet codes up to 50 GB of free internet. To get a new SIM offer, a user may have to dial the code *5000#. This will give the free internet of three GBs which valid till one month. After one month, free internet offer will be ended.

The unwanted messages and calls can also be ignored or spammed by sending that number to the 9000 through simple text messages. To get free internet, a user have to dial *5000# and will get 6GB free internet data, three thousand u-u minutes, free messages and much more. To get weekly offer of free internet, a user can dial *857# and will get 3 GB data one week without any charges. For three days offer, a user have to dial *5115# and can get 2GB data free of any cost.

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