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How to Connect to Any Wi-Fi Without Password:

Wi-Fi has become a basic need of this age. After modern period, technology has become very advance and a need of people in this period. It has become a very general question by people to others that either you have Wi-Fi or any other internet connection. Sometimes the answer to this question is very easy but sometimes it is difficult to tell. Whenever you go or visit to any place like offices, hotels, restaurants, even in hospitals people are asking about the password of Wi-Fi. Many companies and owners want to get rid of this question, they allowed an open Wi-Fi, it means one can connect to their Wi-Fi without entering any password or security code.

After the advancement in technology, people use gadgets and devices which are connected to their mobile phones and computers. After the modern age, the present era which is said to be contemporary period, in this period Wi-Fi got many versions and faces. After the real advancement which had done in 1997, Wi-Fi has the most powerful supply of internet in the world wide. Everyone wants to get free Wi-Fi too. Most of the people want to know about the techniques and methods with which they can get either passwords or free Wi-Fi with out paying any cost for it.

Most of the people think that their life is incomplete without Wi-Fi in this age. By increasing the use of Wi-Fi people are more conscious about their Wi-Fi. They have protected their Wi-Fi by different passwords. In companies, passwords are written inside the offices so that no other person can use the Wi-Fi except the company employees. The security has also increaseddue to the fear of thieves that they will not ask for it and get the password by other ways. Kindly note this, that this act is immoral and not a good habit to use anybody’s Wi-Fi through stealing.

Wi-Fi Connection Without Password:

Everyone wishes that he will get the free Wi-Fi without giving any payment for this. It is the most commonly asked question that : Do you have Wi-Fi? What is its password? These questions are asked in every level either in domestic or workplace. People do not hesitate to ask such questions because they want entertainment in every place. It has become the way to spend the time for people with out getting bored. One can use Wi-Fi and can watch his favourite things any time he wants to do. Although it is also a fact that not every body wants to pay for it . Most of the people are searching different methods to get it free.

Here are some methods and applications given below to get the free Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi Master:

The first and the most useful method to get the free Wi-Fi at any place is Wi-Fi Master. It is an application which you can simply install from your play store and can also download from google. To download this app, you have firstly the internet connection. It has over five million customers and downloaders who gets benefits from it. To use this application, your device must have internet connection rooted to your mobile phone. At first, you have to root the device or the tool then start running this application to find out the password of the nearest Wi-Fi showing on your mobile phone. By entering this password, you can reset the password or can see the new password inside out and also can get this through your email ID or account. You will be sent a notification in your email through which you can be able to get the details of the Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi Without Password:

It is a wish of everyone to get the free Wi-Fi even it’s password is not known. One can also understand through its title which can be written as ‘ Free Wi-Fi for Everyone’ . It is an application introduced by the INSTA bridge which is promising to give the free Wi-Fi to everyone who has lost its internet connection due to any reason without costing for it. You can search from your play store to get the best internet which suits on your Android phone without any cost. When you open your application, you enter your data and then you will be able to get the nearest free hotspot which you have lost earlier.

Although it contains many disadvantages, but it also has many advantages like you can use the internet without any cost. The speed of this hotspot is very high as compared to others. By the entry, you can also get the access to the offline channels while you are roaming and not connected to the hotspot you can get the benefit of those channels too.

Show the Password of Wi-Fi:

It will be a great thing to see that one can also see the password of Wi-Fi without knowing it. Without entering the password, one will be able to get it and see it. There are different Wi-Fi which are protected by the owners and they do not want it to reveal and do not want others to use it free. And when people come to know that this Wi-Fi is protected in this way that no body knows about it, people start trying to find out different methods and techniques to get its password. Those techniques are sometimes difficult and most of the times they fail. Most often the owner is able to know that someone is trying to steal his Wi-Fi. So due to all these facts and reasons there is a need to find out such apps which are hidden to the owner and he will never know about that any body is trying to get his Wi-Fi by stealing.

There are various steps to get the password of any Wi-Fi:

  • The first step is to show the SS ID or password of all the connections which you have.
  • Then open your contacts and send it to any person ( who is single) and copy it to your keyboard.
  • After that you have to start showing the present community under which the whole process is happening and then you gave to show the password.
  • The last step is to do all this with any of your Android phone which consists of Oreo and which is not with standing to the latest versions and features to show the report of the whole process.


To connect with free Wi-Fi contains different techniques which are not knowing to everyone. To get the real and most advanced ways and tricks to get the Wi-Fi it is necessary to get updated by the new methods. Some methods are useful while others fail. But it is also a fact that stealing is not a good way to use Wi-Fi. One should try to do such acts. While the methods of Wi-Fi free of cost and to get the password are genuine and real. One can get benefits through these methods. Although it requires  some efforts but one can also get befit through it. Many techniques are introduced which are simple and one can easily apply. It makes the life of people more busy and interesting than the previous years.

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