How to send messages on Telegram to unincorporated contacts

Telegram’s great diversity has enabled it to get through WhatsApp, with more options than just a messaging app. The tool developed by the Drover brothers is already one of the self-sufficient applications and hopes that it will continue in the next few years.

In Telegram, users can use the “alias” which makes it possible to be searched by that nickname, making the username eligible by the person using the app. Among other things, we can find some people’s phone unnecessarily, and over time many have hidden this option.

Today we are going to teach you how to send messages on Telegram to unincorporated contacts on the calendar, anyone within the app can do this. You may have received a message from an anonymous person who doesn’t know anything, but this rarely happens.

Links with phone number

Telegram’s latest update has incorporated a function that whatsApp features using connections to chat with a phone number. If you know the nine digits of the person in question, you can send messages to a specific person.

Privacy is important on Telegram where the phone can be hidden, which in turn means you can do it through connections, so it won’t work for those who decided to hide it. It’s a control within the possible ones, but you can try to contact that contact that contact that you haven’t included.

Telegram gives the user two options when it comes to privacy, whether contacts know or everyone can find you. It’s up to you to activate one or the other, it’s best to activate one for safety so that your contacts will find you and not everyone else.

Send the message with direct link to the phone number

Until relatively recently, it was not possible to send a message to a person without the need to add it to the contact list, searching by username. The username is publicly visible to anyone who wants to quickly find someone else by “nickname”.

To date, one can reach out to her using the direct link next to the nickname. For example, if you put the “” link in “User” then type the alias of a particular person. This will open a window with the user’s information in question, and you’ll need to click on “Send a message” to talk to her.

The same happens when sending a message with a number, you need to replace “user” with the prefix next to 9 digits. You need to put it all together, and in our case we’ve got one that we’ve found, but let’s go directly using one of your contacts.

To message the number, do the following:

  • Start your phone’s browser
  • Type the “ 34611223344” command, wait for the window to open, and write the person you want to chat directly with at the randomly placed number
  • That’s all, so that it will open you to the other person through which you can send messages, write as many contacts as you know and open a conversation with her

Change, add contact temporarily

The only alternative to sending messages to specific people without adding your phone is to temporarily add the person in question. Adding a contact to Telegram won’t affect the agenda, so you can do it freely if you want to.

You can write to a user and delete the number if you want after sending a message, and the dialog is always open. It’s the quickest way to chat with someone, it doesn’t cost much, and know how to do this in the app.

If you want to add a number to Telegram, you can do the following:

  • Launch the Telegram app on your phone
  • Click on the three horizontal lines on the top left, and then click “Contacts”.
  • Within Contacts, click on the icon located in the bottom right, the contact icon and the icon
  • Add the name and surnames, then select the prefix and add the number and click on the “Confirmation” button
  • And voila, you can now open the contact and send them a message like you do with anyone

Find people by username

The quickest way to find someone is to use their username, which you can use a magnifying glass located on the top right. When you open the app, if you open the aforementioned magnifying glass and start looking for the person you want to talk to, you can use their alias.

This well-known username is used to quickly find someone, all of which avoid the filter for using the phone number, the latter not always needed. The person must have selected one of the options for this configuration, to do this, enter the “Settings” – username and select the first name.

You may find many such situations, but as long as one of the Telegram options is placed, it has once entered many. If this is the other way around, they can quickly find you and write to you as long as your privacy isn’t too much, with someone you know.

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