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Google Play Store offers millions of applications in its archives. It has a chronological juncture of users who are dependent on user-friendly software. This play store is prevalent due to its quality features and valuable applications. But this store has a few limitations. Therefore, users want such a third-party app store that is apt of providing a good experience as compared to Google and Apple stores. That’s why I’ll recommend you extraordinary and famous third-party store Jojoy iOS.

What is Jojoy iOS?

Jojoy iOS is an easy-to-use and top quality game-sharing platform. It proposes diverse applications and permits the users to download the Latest Version file of any game.

This store integrates the ordinary game ranking all over the world and is in touch with multinational players. Jojoy iOS has no ads to divert users to different unfamiliar sites.

User interface of Jojoy iOS is relatively simple, anyone can utilize it without any deeper understanding. You can easily find any item through categories and download the various versions of MODs accessible to play them entirely free.

Description of Jojoy iOS :

Name Jojoy iOS
Developer Jojoyteam
Version 3.2.27
Downloads 5 Million
Size 10 Mb
Category Tools
Price Free

Main features of Jo joy iOS:

Phone Assistant:

The phone Assistant feature enables you to use a system cleaner. By using this, you can clean your files from viruses. That’s why, this feature is helpful to clean all junk files and make the application run quicker.

Search Option

The search option enables you to find any game or application if you know it’s name. Therefore, Jojoy iOS is a reasonable search engine that allows users to discover any item by only typing its name.


The sort feature of Jojoy iOS helps you to find anything according to your interest. For example, if you like puzzle games and you want to examine more of the exact genre. In this case, you’ll only choose puzzle sort.

Jojoy iOS proposes various categories like card, ACG, Action, Open World, Adventure, Arcade, Beautiful Girl, Board, casual, Chess, Console, Photography, Educational, Horror, Simulation, News, Traffic, Sports, Multiplayer, RPG, Racing Shooter, Strategy, Education, Video & Music, entertainment, family, Life, Survival, Business, Tools Communication, Social, and Sports.

Upload Mods:

Users of Jo joy iOS have the option to upload mods to the Jo joy server. Therefore, for uploading mods users requires to make an account and then upload. After that, innovators obtain the apk file and check everything.

No Permission requires:

When you install any app on your phone, then it needs various permission. But in the Jojoy iOS app store, if you want to download mod apk then only to access internal storage it request for permission.

Premium apps and games:

By using the Jojoy iOS app store you can freely download all premium apps and games. While on Google playstore all premium applications requires to be purchased.

App Coins:

Jojoy iOS has an in-app purchase option. The app Coin feature of this store allows you to deposit the amount and utilize it for in-app purchases activities. It is a safe and secure method. Because when you provide access apps to your credit card there is the threat of being hacked. This trait of Jo joy iOS reduces the risk of a hack.

User rating:

User rating is an amazing feature of Jo joy iOS app store. Users of this app store able to choose the best mod or version from accessible items because all the reviews are from different users.

My games section:

My games is a distinct section in the Jo joy iOS app store. This feature just shows the apps and games that are already installed on your phone. However, you can get all updates from this section and also uninstall any item if you don’t want to keep it in your list.

Account Creation:

Account creation is only mandatory for those users who want to publish applications and like mod. For creation of an account, you need only phone number or email. However, in Jojoy iOS app store this is not a vital step for every user.

Additional features of Jojoy iOS:

  • Jojoy iOS app store provide hundreds of game MODs to user.
  • This app store allows you to search all games by categories but also by orders according to the community’s priorities.
  • Jojoy iOS is ad-free app store.
  • Jojoy iOS has a space bar function. Users can discover data about their special games, chat with other players, display gamers’ drawings and inventions to society by using slots.

Method to download jojoy iOS:


Firstly, download the APK file and save it in a site on your phone.


After installing file, begin the Android Security Settings menu by using the Settings app.


Now scrolling down and find out “Unknown Source” option.


Enable the unknown source option.


At this time, you can install the Jo joy iOS app store on your appliance.


Open the location where downloads are saved and select the Jo joy APK file that you just saved.


After installation, you can start it and using it for downloading games and applications.

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How does Jo joy iOS function?

After installing the Jo joy iOS app store you can download various games and applications. Even you don’t require to create your account. However, you will have to register account to join community.

Through this app store you can approach third-party apps with extra traits without having to root your appliance. You can utilize this application safely because it is free from virus and malware.

Additional information:

  • Operating system requisite: Android 4.0.
  • The installation of the application needs the activation of the “Unknown sources” option.


Jojoy iOS has transformed the world of app stores. You can install this app store on your device from a different web portal and explore various versions of a single app. It also allows you to download multiple games and apps at the same time.

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