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Top Trackers for WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is an application which is the most frequently used application in this period. By the advancement of technology and media, the ways of doing contact has also changed. In modern period, people use letters to communicate with each other. But in contemporary period, social media has become the most popular way of communication. Among the social media tools, WhatsApp is considered as the most fastest and speedy way to send messages. WhatsApp is also considered as multimedia application because one can send here text messages, audio clips, video clips, documents, images and many more.

With the help of continuous connection of internet, one can use WhatsApp in a smoothie way without any hurdles. There is no break down or slow process at all. Message are sent and deliver in a continuous manner without any obstruction. By the most active use of this application, people also demand some tricks to get information about others and for the inquiry of different subjects. To get there trackers there are different options which one can easily get and choose according to his need and demand.

Parents are mostly worried about their children and about the activities of their children which they are doing on WhatsApp. There are different ways introduced for the parents which make them less worried. By these methods parents can check the activities of their children like last seen, to whom they are talking, online status, etc. It is very beneficial for them too. Here are some methods introduced for parents to make them satisfy and less worried about their children.

WhatsApp Tracker Application:

What’s track is the most popular application among the users. It gets so much users due to its proficiency and easy to handle. In this application, one can easily use and know about the checking of his profile. In simple words, this application is mainly made for the person who is curious to know about those people who visit his profile. With the help of this application, one can easily get to know about the visitors and can ended his curiosity.

Secondly, it is the most safest application among all the trackers. One can get info about other without knowing others about it. It is completely a secure application. With the help of this application, the location of the stalker can also get to know that from where the person is searching for you.

  • Features:
  • It provides the complete information about the stalker.
  • It tells about the location from where the stalker stalks.
  • It tells about the exact timings on which the stalker visits the profile.
  • There is no need of GPS.
  • How to Use What’s Tracker Application:
  • Install the what’s tracker application from play store in your Android phone with the help of continuous internet connection.
  • When the process of installing has completed, you will have the complete authority to use this application in your smart phone.
  • After this, click on the option “Agree” to confirm that you have read the instructions.
  • Then you have to choose your country name.
  • After this, entry of your phone number is compulsory.
  • Then you have to sign in to run the application.
  • After selecting the gender you will be able to start working.
  • WhatsApp Last Seen:

It is an application to find out the last seen of any person in your contact list. Although it is a very long and boring process to first search the contact, then click on the name, and then open the profile to check the last seen. There is a replica presents to get rid of this process. Now one can easily get to know about the last seen of any person in the WhatsApp by connecting this application to the WhatsApp.

By using this application, one will be able to know about either friends, family members, and relatives too. Although this application has very cool features, but WhatsApp has fusion to this application, it means that it does not share any information to the user.

  • Features:
  • It shows only the relevant material.
  • It shows the timings of online and offline.
  • It send the notification every time a person comes online.
  • It is the most simplest and easiest to use.
  • It provides the free trail for three days.
  • Chat Track (Application):

Chat Track is an application which you can easily get from your play store. After installing this application, your worries will come to an end. It provides the complete information about the functioning of WhatsApp. It can tell about the whole details of online and offline of any body you want to get. In this application, simply you have to enter the number about whom you want to get information, and you will get the whole details of that account. There is no need to check again and again about the online details of any contact. You will be informed by sending a notification about that number which you have entered to get details. So, it is the simplest way without taking your time.

  • Features:
    • The complete report can be get by entering the number through this application.
    • It will provide the details about the online and offline activities.
    • It is considered as an application which provides the complete coverage of one’s activities.
    • It provides the free trail too.
  • WhatsApp Family (Application):

This application is designed in a very simple and sense making way. It is most often used by family members to get information about their members. Most of the time, parents use this application to get in touched with the activities of their children. It is introduced in a very unique manner like easy to read way. The usage of this application is very easy because it is used by the parents which are mostly less educated, so they can easily use this application. It is used among worldwide to keep check and balance about the family members who takes care of each other and want to secure each other from any difficulty and hurdles.

  • Features:
    • It does not require the opening of record about the family.
    • The data of whole family can be tracked.
    • One can enter the numbers of maximum range of 25.
    • To get the information about these contacts, track their last seen rapidly.
    • The whole process will be done secretly.
  • WhatsApp Tracker (WA-Stat):

This application is the most benefit application among all the mentioned above. It tells about the usage time too. WA-Stat application is that application which tells the online timings along with the duration of online too. The time which is spent by any person on WhatsApp messenger can also be known through this application. Thus is the most advanced and better using application.

It shows the whole activities of any person in the form of graph. With the help of this application, parents can get the timings when their children are online and offline and can be able to know about how much time their children have spent on WhatsApp too. It is considered as the most advanced form of tracking world which does two works at a same time  and gives benefits to slot of people. It reduces the tensions and worries of parents who want to keep an eye on their children.

  • Features:
  • The use of WA-Stat is very simple.
  • You have to enter a number on whom you want to keep an eye.
  • You will be notified every time that contact will come online.
  • The duration of time spent on WhatsApp of that contact will be shown in the form of graph.
  • Graphic representation of the duration makes it easier to understand.

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