What Happens When you Deactivate Messenger

Hello everyone in this article we are showing you What Happens When you Deactivate Messenger. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s having to use two services when I only want to use one. This is especially blatant in the case of Messenger, Facebook’s messaging app: using it implies having a Facebook account. When you open an account on the social network anyone can send you private messages thanks to Messenger, which was also opened with the start of the account.

From my point of view, and whenever you do not need them, it is best to delete the Facebook account and also the Messenger account: you will save yourself problems and your mobile will work much better. But as this is not always possible, today I will tell you the ways to deactivate the Messenger account without stopping using Facebook. Of course, I have to start with a very uncomfortable truth.

What Happens When you Deactivate Messenger

One thing implies the other, as I said at the beginning. This prevents you from deactivating the Messenger session and continuing to use the social network: you will still appear as available in messenger, so there is no way to stop receiving private messages. Well, there is, although you have to take a few detours. As always, Facebook does not make it easy.

Facebook does not make it easy to deactivate its services, even after the scandal.

Only if you delete your Facebook account can you also delete your Messenger account. I already commented the process step by step, you just need to delete the Messenger account forever. However, if you activate it again, you will have a “nice” Facebook account again. “They gave me two”, that’s what Zuckerberg must have thought.

You can’t delete Messenger and use only Facebook, that much is clear. So what we’ll do is disable chat and prevent them from being able to send us direct messages. What Happens When you Deactivate Messenger It’s not the same as disabling Messenger completely, but at least they’ll stop bothering you with private messages.

How to disable Messenger chat and prevent unauthorized messages from coming in

The moment of truth has arrived: let’s see the best way to stop Messenger from beating you up. The best thing to do is to uninstall the app from your phone, if you haven’t already done so. As I said before, I also recommend you to uninstall Facebook, although that will depend on whether you use it or not.

You must delete the Messenger app from your mobile so that it does not bother you.

Let’s see how to disable Messenger chat:

  • After you have uninstalled the Android app load a Facebook page in the browser.
  • Notice the chat window at the bottom right of the browser.
  • Click on the cogwheel and click on “Disable chat”.
  • A menu will open. Choose “Disable for all”.

From now on, no one will see whether or not you are connected to Messenger and they will not be able to send you messages through the application. This means that you will not receive direct messages, but they will be able to chat with you: the messages they send you will remain in your Facebook inbox; and you will see the relevant notifications in the app’s notifications.

By deactivating the chat they will not be able to chat with you on Messenger, but they will be able to send you private messages.

To prevent them from sending you any kind of message, the only way is to block messages from friends. This is useful if they are always the same ones, but if you want to block your entire collection of contacts it will be complicated. Either way, you can block whoever you want in this way:

Access your Facebook account settings.

  • Scroll down to “Block messages from”.
  • Enter one by one all the friends who insist on sending you Messenger messages. Once you block them, they will not be able to contact you, but they will be able to see your profile and continue commenting on your updates.

There is no way out: it is impossible to get rid of Messenger if you have Facebook. It doesn’t matter if you use another messaging application, the social network par excellence has its own application and will force you to use it. At least now you know how to disable it as much as possible.

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