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WHATS Track Application:

WHATS Track Application is an application which you can simply install from your play store and can download it from Google too. It is a simple way application which every one can use easily with out any distracting and with out any hurdles. Although this application has a specific method of usage but it gives a very great opportunity to others specially parents to be get informed about their children and their activities. With the help of this application, parents have become satisfied as their problem has solved in a very simpler way


  • With the help of this application, one can see the last seen of the person he want to get detect. The duration of the time spent on WhatsApp can also be get through the WHATS application. Every time a person you want to get informed, he comes online, you will get a notification of his active status. And you can also get the details of the time spent on it.
  • One can get the whole details of the previous days which are either doubtful and the busiest time for that person. One can check the complete details of that days too. This application will show the whole data in the form of graph and the lines of that graph shows the online time of that person and the offline activity also.

WHATS LOG-IN Application:

  •  To start and use this application, you have to first give your data and then you have to log in this application by provide email address, password, name , gender, etc. After login you have to accept the terms and conditions of this application and then accept them and tap on the continue option to start the application to work. Then you are given on your screen to rate the application and you can share your experience on this application there too. You can also skip this option, if you don’t want to give any comments or any activity like experience sharing.
  • The second step is to add a number or a list of numbers, whom you want to get information.By entering the number, you will be notified about every activity happening on that account. When ever you are busy and did not get time to check the application and the details, there is no need to get worried, the details of the whole week can also be represented as the graph in this application. One can get the details according to his choice of daily or weekly without any hesitation.
  • One can also use this application in a perfect or good manner. The excess use of this application can also cause many dangers to the mobile phone and  also for application. One can set a reminder to the usage time. After the number of openings has done and completed, the mobile will allow you to get notified about the overuse and more activity on the application. It would be a good thing to understand. As the excess use of application can harm the data in your device also, so reminder is necessary.

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  • WHATS tracker and the login applications are considered as the best application for tracking and getting updates secretly about any person with out telling him that any body is trying to get his details. It is most useful application for ever one who wants to get information about their lives ones in the present age. Mostly parents can get benefit through this application by using it and getting information about their children and if their children are doing and involving any wrong activity, they can stop him.
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