Whatsapp 2022 | 10 Fun WhatsApp Tips

WhatsApp is an important and reliable mobile app for messaging. The number of people who do not have a WhatsApp account or do not have WhatsApp installed on their mobile phones is very low today. WhatsApp is very easy to use with many new features. I assume you must have used WhatsApp. But you may not know about some of the essential tips and tricks of WhatsApp if you know your use of WhatsApp will get a different dimension. Then let us know what are these essential WhatsApp tips and tricks.

Whatsapp 2021 Ten Essential Tips

Here I will discuss ten WhatsApp tips and tricks with which you can solve many problems of WhatsApp by yourself in an instant. And let’s not be late, let’s know ten small tips of WhatsApp.

Tips 1

There are times when you want to send a message to someone on WhatsApp but do not want to save their number on your phone. This can be done very easily with a little trick for him. First, you need to open your phone’s browser like the Chrome browser. Then type https://wa.me/ then enter the country code of the person you want to message (as in the case of India 91). Enter the country code and then its number.

Here x & y is the country code of the person you are going to send the message to and abcdefghij is his mobile number. Suppose the number you want to message is 1234567890 and it is an Indian number (91) so you have to type https://wa.me/911234567890 in the Chrome browser. If you open or search that link, you will get a message option. If you click on that message, you will reach directly to your WhatsApp. And there you can easily send WhatsApp messages to that number without saving that number in your contact list.

Tips 2

The tips that I will discuss this time are fun tricks. If you ever want to see a friend or another contact’s WhatsApp message, you want to see that contact or friend does not understand that you have seen or read his message. In a word, the message sent to you should not see the blue tick. In that case, you need to apply a little trick. You must first turn on the airplane mode of your phone. Then you can go to WhatsApp and read the specific message by clicking. Of course, after reading, you will first turn off WhatsApp. Make sure that the app is not running in the background. Close the app from there too. Finally, you turn off the airplane mode of your phone. This way your friend will not even know that you have already read his message.

Tips 3

Have you ever noticed that when you delete a message or picture in a message thread, there is a star option next to the delete option? Do you know what that star does? You may have never noticed this but it is an important option in WhatsApp Messenger. This is the starred message. It bookmarks a message just like you bookmark a website on a computer or mobile so that you can easily open that website with one click. Similarly, if you bookmark any message, picture, video, etc. in the star option, you will easily see it from the starred message menu. No more important messages or pictures will be lost in the long message thread.

Tips 4

If you want to make WhatsApp’s boring simple chat background interesting then these tips are for you. You will find a chat option in WhatsApp settings. If you click on the chat option then you will get the background/wallpaper option. From there you can change this white boring background to a solid color background of your choice or use any desired image as a background.

Tips 5

If you have a lot of text messages on WhatsApp then with these tips you will be able to present your texts more stylishly and beautifully. For example, if you want to make a text bold italic etc. For that just select him before sending you that text. Then you will see a three-dot menu, click on it. Here you will find many more options to make the bold italicized strike through. Through this, you can arrange your writings more neatly and serve them beautifully.

Tips 6

The contactor number (account) in the chat list in your WhatsApp messenger starts to go up as soon as the new message arrives and the contact related to the old message goes down. But if you want to have one or more contacts of your choice in the top row of your chat list as soon as you open your WhatsApp, you can do that effortlessly. All you have to do is tap and hold the account or contact in your chat list and press it for a while. Then you will see a pin option at the top. Well, you can pin the contact TK or contacts of your choice by pressing that PIN option so that the pinned contacts will not move downwards even after the message comes from the new contact.

Tips 7

Anyone with known or unknown numbers can add you to their group according to Whatsapp’s group features. And most of the time it happens unknowingly which often causes discomfort. You can follow these tips to get rid of this discomfort if you want. Go to WhatsApp settings and select the privacy option. Then from there go to the group option and you can choose who can add you to his group. If you select the contact list there, only those whose contacts you have saved will be able to add you to the group and no one else.

Tips 8

If you want to use WhatsApp Messenger on your laptop or desktop computer, you can do it very easily. You can search web.whatsapp.com for this URL on your laptop or desktop. There you will find a QR code. Then you open WhatsApp on your mobile and click on WhatsApp web by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top right. This will open the camera of your phone and there you can scan the QR code of your computer. Once your scan is done, your WhatsApp account will be opened in that browser of your computer. And you can easily exchange messages, pictures, etc. from your computer. If someone sends you a WhatsApp message, you can also read it.

Tips 9

If you receive a lot of pictures and videos on your WhatsApp every day and they are auto-downloaded and your net data runs out fast and you can no longer bear it, then with a small change in your settings you can no longer take pictures on your WhatsApp. You can easily control the download of videos etc. You can change the auto-download option to your liking in the Media Auto-Download section by going to the Data and Storage Usage option in Settings. In this case, you will see four categories such as photo, audio, video, and document. You can select one or more categories as you wish or you cannot select any. The categories that you select with the tick will be automatically downloaded to your WhatsApp Messenger and the ones that you do not select will have to be downloaded by clicking on the message.

Tips 10

In these last tips, I will tell you about a very important setting which you may regret later if you do not. We know that we exchange a lot of important information through WhatsApp. If your WhatsApp mobile is ever deleted or your phone is lost or stolen or maybe for some reason you have to format your phone then how do you get back the necessary information that you received on WhatsApp. No matter if you enable the backup option in your WhatsApp settings. As a result, all the information that comes to your WhatsApp will be backed up to your Google Drive. You will find a chat option in settings to enable backup. From there chat backup and then backup Here you can get back up with your email. And of course, select the WiFi-only option for your backup, it will save your mobile data costs.

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