YoWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 2023

YoWhatsApp is the most popular platform that transforms communication and connects users worldwide. This app has become crucial for both professional and personal communication because of its user-friendly interface. But users of WhatsApp want some extra features and options that exceed the abilities of the original WhatsApp like YoWhatsapp.

YoWhatsapp is considered an adaptable alternative for those people who want a personalized messaging platform. It offers all those extra features and customization options that are not available in WhatsApp This modified version of Whatsapp also enhances the user experience.

In this article, you will find out YoWhatsapp’s features, benefits, installation method, and how it is different from the original WhatsApp.

What is YoWhatsapp?

YoWhatsApp also known as YoWA developed by a third-party. This WhatsApp Mod not only provides you with classic features but also gets additional stunning features that are not accessible in your original WhatsApp. It also supports larger files, so you can transfer files that size up to 700 MB.

This YoWhatsapp latest version 2023 download on your phone and enjoy its customize theme, the addition of new emojis, and emoticons to make your conversation more stylish. By using its advanced privacy settings, you can hide view status, freeze Last Seen, disable read receipt and secure chat with passwords.

Description about YoWhatsapp:

App Name






File size

35.36 Mb


4.0 Android



Last update

1 day ago

Features of YoWhatsapp:

Many features are not accessible in the original whatsapp. But YoWhatsapp gives you access to those features which detail have given below;

Download DP & Status

In the original WhatsApp, you can’t download the status of others. Because there is no option to do that in the official version. In YoWhatsApp, you can download the status of your friends and their profile picture. Only open the status or profile photo which you want to download. Here you will notice a download button. Click on it.

In-built app lock:

YoWhatsapp has an in-built app lock feature. By using this feature you can save your data and messages. That’s why, you do not have to bother about your data leaking of organized input.

Stunning themes:

Original whatsapp has a specified number of themes. But YoWhatsApp offers numerous amazing vibrant themes like animals, cartoons, nature, cars, models, superheroes, dragons, anime, mermaids, games and many more.

Communicate in numerous languages:

By using YoWhatsapp you can communicate in more than one hundred languages. You have the option to choose a desired language. New Azerbaijani language is also added to this modded version of Whatsapp.

Message Scheduler

YoWhatsapp has an option for a message schedule. If you want to remind someone to do anything at a specific time, but you are busy at that moment. For this, you have to select the recipients, time, and message you want to send. Then automatically message sent to the recipient.

DND Mode

DND mode is a very extraordinary and useful feature of YoWhatsapp. By using this mod, you will not receive any messages or calls from any person. You can use this mode when you want to play games, watch movies, and don’t like to be disturbed by anyone.

Additional features of YoWhatsapp:

  • YoWhatsapp allows you to transfer themes to another device. For this only auto save the themes and build a them auto-save.
  • You can share HQ images by pressing the camera button.
  • In a single click you can forward message up to 300 recipients.
  • By using YoWhatsapp you can freeze last seen.
  • You can send ten images to your contacts in one message.
  • You can change the color and style of the ticks which brings a good experience for users.

Benefits of using YoWhatsapp:

Message to any Number

If you are using Yo Whatsapp then you no need to save a number in your contact list to send a message on whatsapp. Only click on three dots which is at the right corner of the app and click on ‘message a number’. Now write the number and click open chat.

Send pictures & status in best quality

When you share photos to your friends or upload a status, in original whatsapp then it diminishing its quality to 80%. But in YoWhatsapp you can send photos and upload status in original quality.

Self-Destructive Messages

Self destructive message is an amazing and interesting feature of YoWhatsapp. You can use this feature when you sharing something like picture and don’t want to keep it in chat after he sees it. Such type of messages will automatically be deleted.

Method to install YoWhatsapp:

Follow the given below method to install YoWhatsapp;


Before the installation of Yo Whatsapp, backup your messages and files from WhatsApp. For backup, go to setting select chats and then, click on chat backup.


You cannot download YoWhatsApp from the play store because it is not available on it. So, firstly you have to download the apk file from another source. Write ‘YoWhatsapp apk’ on the search bar and chose the website to download the file.


To enable unknown sources on your phone, go to settings, select Privacy, and click on unknown sources.


For the installation of YoWhatsapp locate the apk file on your phone and tap on it. Then the installation will start. After this process you can found app.


Open the app and type phone number. You will receive a code. Enter this verification code and proceed with it.


During this process, the application restores your chats and files. Now, you can examine the setting menu.


If you have a modified version of the applications then you may have security risks and it can direct to account suspension. So, it is necessary to be careful and download apps from authorized sources.


YoWhatsApp has achieved popularity among people because of its more personalized features and maintains the basic functionality of users. If you are exhausted from using the original WhatsApp and want to enjoy up-to-date features and functions. Below we will propose a link for you to download the YoWhatsApp on Android.

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